Building Information Modeling

BIM [Building Information Modeling]

Effective planning and regular comparison of defined design and actual construction is a core need of any construction and architectural project. BIM, also known as Building Information Modeling provides an effective approach to meet the construction requirements from the initial design step to onsite building construction.

BIM uses advanced 3D laser scanning technology which is widely adopted by the construction engineers, building contractors and other construction related key persons. It aids construction work at every stage. Building information modeling technology uses 3D laser scanners like Faro which creates 3D designs of any easy to complex construction site from home or office construction to inner city renovation. At each stage of construction, the 3D CAD models can be compared with the work progress which eliminates the rework and helps to build desired buildings quickly and easily. It also provides a revolutionary way of communication and collaboration for effective team-work.

Key Benefits of using laser scanner in BIM:

  • Powerful way of communication, collaboration and problem solving
  • 3D documentation at each stage of construction for easy comparison
  • 3D modeling and as-built documentation
  • Quick construction with reduced cost
  • Reduced reconstruction

Building Information Modeling can aid the construction with highly accurate 3D modeling and documentation which reduce time and cost of construction.

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