PointCab Suite, Registration, and PointCab 3D PRO
PointCab Suite, Registration, and PointCab 3D PRO

PointCab Suite, Registration and PointCab 3D PRO

Extensive functions for analysis, calculation and documentation as well as interfaces to almost all laser scanners, photogrammetry data and CAD systems.


Basic Functions:-

  • Start point cloud analysis automatically

2D Functions:-

  • Layout & Section: Create distortion-free layouts and sections as ortho photos
  • PhotoMatch: Match high-resolution images onto sections and layouts
  • Sketch: Create measurements of angles, distances and surfaces, dimensioning and annotations
  • Vectorizer: Vectorize plans created based on your point cloud/li>
  • Profiler: Create profile lines in an elevation model of the point cloud

3D Functions:-

  • 3D-Points: Extraction of 3D points from sections and planar views
  • Volume: Create volume calculation protocols according to REB 22013
  • Delta: Analyze and protocol deviations of evenness
  • Unfold: Unfold and analyze cylindrical objects
  • Mesh: Extract meshed digital 3D terrain models (DTM)
  • PointCloud Export: Export specific parts of the point cloud


Processing (theoretically unlimited):

  • Number of displayable scans: 12,000
  • Number of displayable points: 50 billion
  • Usable CPUs: 12
  • Usable RAM: unlimited

Supported point cloud data formats (for import):

  • RCP (Autodesk), LSD(X) (minimal PointCab format), XYZ, LAS, LAZ, E57, FWS, LSPRJ, PTG, PTX, RSP, ZFS, ZFPRJ, PTS, MPC

Supported CAD-data formats (for export):

  • DWG, DXF, DAE, X

Supported reference coordinate data formats (for PointCab Register):

  • COR, XYZ

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