LFM Server software

LFM Server software

An advanced solution to maximize the value of scan data!

Access and work with pre-registered 3D laser scan data with LFM Server. Compile point cloud databases of every scan on a project with Infinite Core™ technology. Clash detect as-built data against a proposed design. Interface with CAD packages from Autodesk, AVEVA, Bentley, Intergraph or VR Context.

Key Benefits of LFM Server Solution:

  • Provides freedom to choose your choice of scanning system.
  • Seamless interface with the leading CAD packages from Autodesk, Bentley, AVEVA, VR Context, Intergraph
  • Import scans from a wide variety of scanner types and data formats into a single dataset
  • Accurate, detailed ‘as-is’ information minimizes the business risks of revamp projects
  • Infinite Core™ technology enables project datasets of unlimited size to be readily created and accessed

Key Features of LFM Server Solution:

  • Import data from any laser scanner - export to any CAD package
  • Load an unlimited number of scans without compromise.
  • Automatic scan-to-scan registration
  • Inter-cloud registration enables accurate scan registration without the use of targets.
  • Target prediction algorithms enable automatic fitting of the remaining targets once or or two have been located in the scan data.
  • Traffic-light metrics immediately display the qualities of registration.
  • Clash detects proposed CAD design against the as-built environment.
  • Navigate inside the photorealistic Bubble View™ as if present on site.

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