LFM NetView Software

LFM NetView Software

An efficacious tool to access remote 3D laser scanner data securely!

LFM Netview is a web-based application which makes remote view of laser scanner data easy and secure. This allows users to work collaboratively using internet from remote places. It also provides a stand-alone mode which facilitates the operational capability without the internet in a file based local or intranet mode.

Key Benefits of LFM NetView Solution:

  • The LFM NetView approach is unique: for the first time, end-users can remotely and rapidly access huge databases containing an unlimited number of scans.
  • Reduced cost by added advantage of minimizing the site visits
  • Multiple users can review the data at the same time, enabling users in different offices to carry out interactive, collaborative project reviews, including joint mark-up and measurement.
  • Easy to work collaboratively from remote places with or without internet
  • Security is paramount and is ensured by the use of password protection and data encryption; communications between LFM Server™ and LFM Netview are digitally signed, and configurable security levels are provided.
  • And more

Key Features of LFM NetView Solution:

  • Web-based easy to use GUI to work collaboratively
  • Encryption facility for data to make it secure over the net
  • Extensive measurement and markup facilities to support efficient collaboration.
  • Master/slave mode enables remote reviews of live projects with colleagues or clients
  • The full database can be reviewed in the intuitive Bubble View™.
  • Stand-alone mode enables operation without Internet access, in a file-based local or Intranet mode.

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