LFM Modeller software

LFM Modeller software

A powerful tool to create 3D CAD models from as-built laser scan data!

LFM Modeller models pipes and structural standards from the standards library using BubbleView™ Modelling. The intelligent models created in LFM Modeller software are exported into a range of target CAD systems.

Key Benefits of LFM Modeller Solution:

  • Produce validated and intelligent CAD models which are then exportable into a number of CAD systems.
  • Huge productivity gains through greatly reduced costs and com­pressed timescales.
  • Supports wide range of industry engineering specifications.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface allowing engineers to model in the BubbleView™.
  • All modelled objects can be displayed within the BubbleView, ensuring immediate visual feedback of what has been modelled and what still remains.

Key Features of LFM Modeller Solution:

  • BubbleView modelling enables rapid creation of intelligent and geometrical, accurate 3D models.
  • A wide range of standards and components are included in the standard library.
  • Intelligent as-built models can be exported smoothly into the CAD system.
  • Extensive CAD manipulation and editing facilities enable the user to manipulate the model until the modelling objectives have been achieved.

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