Gexcel R3 Software

Gexcel R3 Software

The Competent tools to visualize and manage unlimited point clouds in your computer!

Gexcel R3 Software is powerful software which provides the best solution to combine and visualize unlimited point clouds with ease. Gexcel R3 software in a single platform, can be used to combine point clouds coming from different lidar sensors: from UAV and terrestrial images and from classic GNSS and Total station.

Software Packages of Gexcel R3:

PointR3 & PointR3 Edu: The revolutionary software to manage and display 3D data and large dataset of 3D point clouds in a very simple way. It extracts plants, facades and profiles for direct import to CAD.

pixR3: An incredibly easy and affordable tool to extract 3D information from images and get colored 3D point clouds from images. The quickest way to go from 2D images to the 3D world!

gexcel CAD plugin: It is a powerful plugin between PointR3 and CAD. Easily import images (solid images) in CAD environment with depth information which are ready to be directly re-drawn with 3D polylines.

Key Features of Gexcel R3:

  • Extremely simple interface with few buttons, integrated workflows and self-explainable wizards for data processing
  • Handling of 3D unlimited point clouds coming form lidar data, 3D sensors and photogrammetry
  • Generation of high resolution 3D textured models (the images are used at their original resolution)
  • Alignment to known ground control points or known distances to perform 3D metric measurements on the reconstructed scene
  • Ortophoto, Orthomosaic and DEM generation
  • 3D model scaling and geo-referencing using ground control points or known distances
  • Points and meshes export in many common 3D formats (.txt, .xyz, .las, .obj, .stl, .ply, .pts, etc.)
  • Fully connection with any JRC 3D Reconstructor software package for further 3D model process
  • Customizable interface
  • Automatic calculation for both intrinsics and extrinsics camera parameters
  • Import of camera extrinsics parameters if known
  • Reconstruction volume adjustable to the specific area of interest
  • Editing of point clouds to improve the mesh generation

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