Gexcel JRC 3D Reconstructor

Gexcel JRC 3D Reconstructor

The perfect tool to combine lidar data coming from terrestrial, mobile and airborne sensors, with UAV and 3D imaging data!

Gexcel JRC 3D Reconstructor is the best solution for your imaging and LiDAR data. It is an easy to use software solution which processes lidar data and high resolution images with ease. This software is widely appreciated by the engineering companies, academic and research institutes, surveyors and consultants.

Software Packages of Gexcel JRC 3D Reconstructor:

FULL and Full Edu: It integrates multi-resolution lidar data and multi-platforms 3d images with ease. It manages lidar data, large cartographic coordinates (UTM, ...), High Resolution RGB images, 3D mesh models and GNSS topographic 3D surveyed points. It includes all the functionalities of JRC 3D Reconstructor packages (Construction, Heritage/Architectural, Mining/Tunneling and Photo).

Construction: It is a perfect solution for the civil engineers and surveyors involved in construction projects.

Heritage/Architectural: It creates high quality 3D photo-realistic models using high resolution scan data and RGB images. It also can integrate images captured by an external camera.

Mining/Tunneling: It is a dedicated software for mines surveyors, geologists and landscape engineers. Input and output guaranteed in a software platform where terrestrial laser scanner, airborne lidar and UAV data can be integrated in your geo-referenced coordinates.

Forensic: The software tailored for forensic industry. The inspection tool can point out crime scenes geometric differences in time.

Photo: The best software solution for users who need to easily create 3D colored models starting from point clouds or mesh models using any type of digital camera.

Key Features of Gexcel JRC 3D Reconstructor:

  • Importing of raw data from different lidar sensors (terrestrial, airborne, mobile), mesh models, DTM and images.
  • Advanced data filtering to enhance details and features
  • Automatic target-free scans alignment (with LineUp® Pro) and geo-referencing
  • Mesh models creation, editing and simplification to obtain models
  • Data extraction: cross sections, plans and elevations (ready for CAD); planarity and verticality maps; points surfaces comparisons (inspection), high resolution orthophotos, videos, cut&fill volumes, crests&toes, isolines, slope monitoring and change detections
  • Export to CAD or in other modeling software (3DStudioMax, Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D, etc.)

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