Faro Scene 5.4 Software

Faro Scene 5.4 Software

An Ideal Tool for Laser Scanning Project Processing

FARO SCENE 5.4 is the latest version of Faro's laser scanning software. It can be used with Faro's Focus 3D X series of laser scanners. It delivers scan registration by eliminating artificial targets like checkerboards and spheres. With Faro Scene 5.4, two registration methods are available:

1. Top View Based
It is most automated and extremely accurate registration method, in interiors and in built-up areas, without reliable GPS pre-positioning of the individual scan. Top-view-based registration method allows target-less positioning of scans.

2. Cloud to Cloud
This method can be the best choice for target-less registration in exterior locations with good pre-positioning of the scans, by using the integrated GPS receiver of the Focus 3D X laser scanner series. Even under the complex circumstances, cloud-to-cloud registration method offers an opportunity to position scans accurately and rapidly.

Key Benefits of Faro SCENE 5.4 Software

  • Various new processes to respond flexibly, to a wide variety of project requirements.
  • Ability to place scanned data in its geographical context using image files, CAD drawings, or maps.
  • Produce rapid and accurate result data which can be used right away.
  • Easy to export scanned data into various CAD and point cloud format.

Key Features of Faro SCENE 5.4 Software

  • Automatic Fine Registration
  • Target-less Registration with two different registration methods
  • Correspondence Split View
  • Stereo Vision
  • Better Performance on Octree Scans Creation
  • Orthophoto Creation
  • Integrated Project Database
  • Layout Image Overlay
  • WebShare
  • ATSM E57 Industry Standard
  • Licensing Solution
  • Clipping Boxes in 3D View

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