Scanify 3D Scanner
scanify 3d scanner

Scanify 3D Scanner

Perfect for capturing 3D models of:
- The human form
- Fabrics
- Plants, leaves
- Stone, masonry, brick
- Textured paintings, statues, wood carvings, clay sculptures
- Other high-texture surfaces


  • High Speed: capture a 3D image in a tenth of a second
  • High-resolution: capture incredible detail down to 350 microns
  • Full-color: capture accurate 3D color as well as the shape of an object
  • Versatile: export your scan in a range of file formats

Product Specifications

  • Scan Volume: Approx. 210mm/8"x 300mm/12" (400mm/16" diagonal) in a single capture
  • Scanning Technology: Fusion of stereoscopic and photometric data
  • Operating distance: Fixed at 350mm/14" - 450mm/18"
  • Exported file types: STL, OBJ, PLY
  • Best achievable resolution: Approx. 350 microns
  • Polygons captured on a flat surface: Approx. 750,000
  • Number of vertices in a single scan: Approx. 375,000
  • Single scan file size (average): STL:32MB, PLY: 17MB, OBJ: 72MB
  • Minimum recommeded computer specifications: 2GB RAM, 1GB hard disk space, Dual core processor

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