Focus3d x 330

FOCUS 3D X 330

Revolutionary 3D laser scanning system for efficient land surveying & documentation!

Focus3d X 330 is high speed 3D laser scanning system for long range. It is capable of providing remarkable detailed three dimensional images for complex environments and geometries within a couple of moments. It uses laser technology to provide efficacious 3D measurements and images. It generates dense point clouds which contain millions of points which recreates a clear scanned 3d image and documentation. It can be used for resembling an exact measurable complex and large 3d image by multiple scans from different angles.

Benefits of Focus3d X 330

  • Advanced functionality and performance
  • Capable of scanning object in direct sunlight and from long distance
  • Easy correlation of individual scanned images in post processing
  • Increased quality of measurement, images and documentation
  • Precise & photo realistic styled 3d model
  • Inbuilt eye protection technology
  • Reduced noise
  • Reduced efforts

Key Features of Focus 3d X330

  • Extended Scanning from 0.6 to 330m
  • Class 1 laser scanner
  • Light weight
  • Easy positioning with Integrated GPS Receiver
  • Outdoor Scanning Capability
  • Reduced Noise Performance
  • Electronic Compass
  • Sensor for height data
  • Dual axis Compensatory
  • WLAN Access for data handling & control

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