Focus3d x 130

FOCUS 3D X 130

Ultra portable, Fast Laser Scanner for accurate measurements of objects and complex structures!

Faro Focus3D X 130 is one of the powerful laser scanners of the Faro X series scanners. It's an ultra-portable laser scanning device which provides simple, fast and precise measurements of any object and space. It combines authenticate mobility and the highest precision scanning technology to provide real-time views of recorded data. It's versatile enough to take an accurate measurement and provide real time views of complex structures, accident sites, large volume components, and production and supply facilities.

Benefits of Focus3D X 130 Laser Scanner

  • Real time three dimensional image scanning
  • Easy to import 3d scan data to any commonly used software solutions
  • Easy to start, stop and view scans at a long distance
  • Long battery runtime leverages uninterrupted scanning experience
  • Easy to carry anywhere, anytime
  • Touch screen interface for advanced working experience
  • Easy to use and affordable

Features of Focus3D X 130 Laser Scanner

  • Scanning range of 0.6m to 130m
  • Indoor or outdoor scanning capability with upright incidence to 90% reflective surface
  • Up to 70 MP color support
  • Class 1 Laser Scanner
  • Dual axis compensator with 0.0150 accuracy
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Touch screen scanner controller
  • Extra portability with size of 24*20*10 cm and 5.2 kg weight
  • Wireless LAN [WLAN] with remote control for scanning controls
  • 4.5 hours battery life

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