Focus3d S 120

Faro Focus 3D S 120 Laser Scanner

Lightweight, portable and comfortable 3D Laser Scanner

Faro Focus3D S 120 Laser Scanner is a revolutionary 3D laser scanner for high precision scanning and 3D documentation. It produces remarkable 3D images with precise measurement and documentation even in the complex geometry and environment. It creates a three-dimensional digital model of the surrounding space and objects, including the geo-spatial data in a matter of minutes.

In a couple of moments, with usage of the advanced laser scanning technology, it creates a 3D digital model of nearby objects, site and geospatial data. The final image is a made of a millions of 3D dots resembling a cloud. It uses a color format which helps to create a 3d colored model of the surrounding environment.

Benefits of Faro Focus3D S 120 Laser Scanner

  • Saves time up to 50% compared to other laser scanners
  • Easy to carry and move at different locations
  • Easy to use due to touch screen and other user-friendly functions
  • Long battery time to support uninterrupted work
  • Effective data orientation to each file
  • Easy and quick data transfer support

Features of Faro Focus3D S 120 Laser Scanner

  • Scanning range up to 150 m
  • User-friendly display to control all the functions
  • Highly accurate with 976000 points/second measurement rate
  • Battery life of 5 hours
  • In built color camera of 70 megapixel, Compass and Altimeter
  • WLAN (WIFI) support
  • SD card for data storage and transfer

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