Faro Freestyle 3d Laser Scanner
Faro Freestyle 3d Laser Scanner

FARO Freestyle 3D Scanner

FARO Freestyle 3D is a handheld laser scanner which allows you to scan any kind of surface and environment. It improves your productivity and saves your time by providing faster data acquisition.


  • Real Time Visualization
  • Industrial Grade Device
  • 3D Documentation Solution
  • Automatic Flash
  • On-site Calibration
  • Best Point Filter

Product Specifications

  • 3D Point Accuracy: <1.5mm
  • IP Rating: IP 5X
  • Recorded 3D Points**: Up to 88,00 points
  • ** - depends on surface
  • Range: 0.5-3mm
  • Scan Volume: 8.1m3
  • Light Source: Inbuilt auto LED flash

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