Virtualization Simulation

Virtualization Simulation

The 3D laser scanning technology reinforced the design, art, movie and other verticals of the entertainment industry by Virtualization and Simulation. Using 3D Laser scanners like Faro the video game designers and movie producers can quickly scan and import objects, characters and entire movie sets into difference CGI platforms. This scanned data makes scanning rapid and provides accurate data compared to traditional techniques.

The 3D laser scanners provide dense point cloud and digitized documentation which aid Virtualization Simulation with exaction. The capability of 3D modeling allows producers to gauge storylines, special effects and camera angles. It can also be used to virtual plot creation for video games. The 3D technology aid entertainment industry to create movies safely and quickly even by virtualizing stunt scenes by applying computer-generated imagery (CGI) and virtual reality.

Benefits of 3D Technology in Virtualization and Simulation

  • Quick and easy virtual scene creation
  • Fast and better scene capturing
  • Cost effective animation and movie making
  • Easy virtualization and simulation for video game

The 3D laser scanning technology can aid entertainment industry to create never seen before effects.

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