Tunneling and Mining

Tunneling and Mining

In tunneling and mining activities, safety is one of the considerable factors to avoid any major accidents or undesirable circumstances. The 3D laser scanning technology work as a boon to make the tunneling and mining work more secure by mitigating any possible safety risks. The 3D laser scanners like Faro can identify and record any fissures or cracks which can be compared with the previous scan result to find the area of concerns. The 3D laser scanners immediately detect any kind of change in local rock strata. The 3D laser scanners provide accurate and fast measuring as well as highly accurate 3D documentation for geological mapping and structural assessment which makes it the perfect solution for mining tasks.

A tunnel construction, maintenance or reconstruction is a quite difficult job due to confined space and other possible safety threats. For example constructing a tunnel for coal and mineral mines or a cliff to create a way of commute makes it difficult and unsafe. In such situation, 3D laser scanners like Faro provide highly accurate technological support to perform difficult tunneling task.

Benefits of Usage of 3D Laser Scanner in Tunneling and Mining:

  • More secure work environment
  • Possible risk mitigation
  • Fast and accurate measurement in complex situations
  • Reduced unnecessary excavation by critical geometric information capturing
  • Reduced cost and resources
  • Improved work efficiency

The 3D laser scanners can measure any surface virtually even in complex circumstances and confined spaces which make it a perfect solution for tunneling and mining application.

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