Large Part Inspection and Reverse Engineering

Large Part Inspection and Reverse Engineering

Large Part Inspection
The common requirements of many industries are large scale measurements. In industries like automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment manufacturing, the most tedious task is to perform the large part inspection of various components. The 3D laser scanners like Faro help to get large volume measurements and inspection of such components with accuracy and speed. The 3D laser scanning technology provides a quick and portable solution to perform large part inspection cost effectively.

Reverse Engineering
Reverse engineering is one of the widely adopted technologies to create 3D models without existing CAD files. The 3D laser scanners like Faro quickly digitize an object or part and create a fully surfaced CAD model. It also allows users to reproduce an item from lost or absent design documentations and update as-built documentation.

Key Benefits of using laser scanner for Large Part Inspection and Reverse Engineering:

  • Precise adjustment and inspection of parts
  • Precise 3D CAD documentation
  • Products and component creation using reverse engineering in the absence of plans or CAD data
  • Quality control

Large part inspection and Reverse engineering aid the quality production and comprehensive documentations with advanced methodology.

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