Crime Scene Analysis

Crime Scene Analysis/ Accident Reconstruction

In case of any crime or accident, it’s important to take quick steps to preserve the crime scene or accident site from any kind of deterioration or evidence loss. The 3D laser scanning technology helps crime scene investigation process with highly advanced tools for crime scene or accident site capturing and reconstruction which make analysis easy at any stage of investigation.

The 3D laser scanners like Faro records a crime scene and creates a 3D point cloud overlaid with color images which can be documented as 3D models. The 3D models and documents can be used for the reconstruction of the crime or accident scene to aid further investigation. With this digitized evidences, crime scene sketches turn into the digital forensic tool to examine a bullet trajectory, a blood spatter or line of sight. The laser scanning technology can also be used to prevent terrorist attacks or crime on public places for subsequent determination of sensitive areas and drawing up evacuation plans.

Key Benefits of using laser scanners for Crime Scene Analysis and Accident Reconstruction

  • Easy reconstruction of crime or accident scene by 3D simulation
  • Permanent digital evidences which can't deteriorate
  • Archiving 3D evidences permanently
  • Safety measurement and emergency plan development for public safety

Forensic tools took a leap to 3D modeling and documentation of crime scene to aid the investigation at any stage at any time.

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