Asset and Facility Management

Asset and Facility Management

3D laser scanning has expanded its branches to aid asset and facility management of diversified industries including machinery, pipelining, power components, civil engineering, and so on. The 3D laser scanners like Faro created 3D CAD models by creating detailed point clouds which make asset and facility management task more efficient and easy.

The laser scanners like Faro create detailed and highly accurate 3D models with digitized documentation. These 3D models and documentations can be used for risk identification, collision detection for retrofits, as-built documentation for CAD modeling, other plant design tasks and more. It helps to make a comparison of plans and progress of onsite construction easy to avoid any reconstruction expenses and mitigates any possible risks. It helps engineers to meet expectations of constructions as planned in a cost effective manner.

Key Benefits of using laser scanner for Asset and facility management:

  • Factory layouts make logical and efficient
  • Digitized and accurate data, modeling and documentation
  • Efficient use of time and resources
  • Risk mitigation
  • Remote productions by offsite assembly, analysis and data control facility

Asset and facility management application ensures the property layouts are efficient and logical.

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